Wednesday, June 27, 2018

The horse after the cart

The logical and efficient side of my brain dictates that trail reports should be written soon after the respective hikes, and a summary should then be compiled at the end of the year.  The vagaries of time interfere, and the creative side of my brain (hail, Gemini), with the help of Google, composes retrospective remembrances after the summaries.  Here, then, are the photographs of the previously ignored hikes in the past two years (for trail information, follow the links):

Wheelchair accessible -- except for the beginning

... and that completes my documentation of two years as a GRIT Freedom Chair ambassador.  Although I love both hiking and writing, I must sadly admit that being compelled to do both pushed me to actually do so.  So, this may be the turning point that leads to the beginning of a new chapter yet to be named....