Wednesday, June 1, 2016

Discovery Park Loop Trail

Having fixed my inner tube and tire, we set out once again for the unpaved Loop Trail in Discovery Park.  The trail led through forests with beautiful trees, a variety grasses, chirping (with birds) bushes, and a viewpoint with a sweeping vista out over Puget Sound. 

The highlight for me was the big sandy area, an alternate side trip on top of a sand dune next to the actual trail.  I got to test the Freedom Chair’s ability to move on sand.  Granted, I could only go a little way before getting tired, especially when going uphill, but I was moving nonetheless.  The trail was a bit sandy before and after the sand dune, but otherwise it was medium-packed or even hard-packed dirt – quite feasible for a manual chair with a third wheel.

The trail led to the paved road/trail where we had hiked last time (West Point lighthouse and wastewater treatment plant), so we turned around and made our way back through the abandoned houses on this former military base.

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