Saturday, May 7, 2016

Waste-water Treatment Plant

One of the most scenic and iconic hikes in Seattle is at the waste-water treatment plant in Discovery Park.  Really!  

I set out to try the Discovery Park Loop Trail (thanks for the recommendation, Jerry!), only to make a discovery of my own -- that my left tire had a giant bulge in it.  Luckily, I had my portable, battery-powered scooter along in order to run some errands.  In order to make the best of another beautiful day, my husband and I decided to re-visit the wastewater treatment plant.  

The trails are mostly paved or hard-packed dirt, so the scooter would work on them (although we did run into a couple of nasty roots that upturned the pavement and made me wish for my Freedom Chair).  

The trails, along the coast and beach, are accessed by a long walk from the visitors' center; however, those with a disabled placard from the DMV can pick up a pass from the visitors' center which allows them to drive on the access road and park near the entrance to the trails, across from the beach.

This time of year was especially gorgeous, with daisies, thimble-berries, and other wildflowers blooming.  The path went through beautiful areas of greenery and salt-water habitats, often right along the coast.  On this side of the water, the view includes the West Point Light House and a beach piled high with driftwood. On the other side, one can see the Olympic Mountains. In-between are numerous sailboats and kayaks. And looming over everything from a distance is the elusive, majestic, and awe-inspiring Mount Rainier.  This time, as always, we wondered why the hell we don't come here all of the time.  

Hard-packed trails through beautiful greenery...

... right along the coast of Puget Sound, complete with sailboats...

... and a view of a light-house and driftwood-packed beach...

...and, to top it off, a most-elusive and yet most impressive mountain!

Definitely gives new meaning to a visit to a sewage plant!