Tuesday, November 26, 2019

Wheelchair Hiking Gathering

Wheelchair Hiking Gathering of 10/26/19

Q: Was it successful?

1.     Meeting opportunity for hikers with wheelchairs
a.     56 attendees, with 15 volunteers

2.     Exchange information on wheelchair hiking opportunities
a.     Publicity for Ian’s Ride, Metro Tacoma Parks, Islandwood, WA Disabled Hikers
b.     Involvement by Outdoors for All, with demonstrations of Freedom Chair and TrailRider

3.     Exchange information on accessible trails
a.     Tales of Trails guides (Vicki and Kennedy)
b.     List of accessible hikes (Denise)
c.     List of accessible trail info (Jenny)
d.     Rails to Trails magazines
e.     Books from Candy Harrington about trails/travels for Wheelers and Slow Walkers
f.      Involvement by WTA

4.     Create platform for future contact and exchange
a.     Created Facebook Group “Wheelchair Hiking”
b.     Compiled list of those interested in developing future online platform on accessible trails and those interested in attending/planning a future gathering

Unstated Goals:
1.      Inclusivity and profile in the (non-disabled) hiking community
a.     Hosted by the Mountaineers: they have offered to help any interested wheelchair hikers navigate the Mountaineers’ process of volunteering to lead hikes
b.     Involvement by WTA
c.     TV: KOMO 4 News (aired short piece at 11pm that night)
d.     Newspaper: Seattle Times (will publish article in near future)

2.     Improved trail accessibility and ways to find accessible trails
a.     King County Parks interested in feedback for future ADA trails
b.     WTA interested in future possibility of better filtering and describing accessible trails: They have offered to train anyone interested in adding to trail reports

 Q: Was it successful?
A: Yes

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